We have all our presets categorically arranged in collection themes.

 – White Collection –

Not all whites are created the same. Our white collection encompasses different kind of whiteness catered to specific vibes.

Click on the presets to explore more.

 – Indoor Collection –

Over here, you will find presets that are set up to embrace interior styles.

One may never realized how beautiful your home photos looks until they are edited the right way.

 – Wedding Collection –

Our wedding collection features multiple wedding themes beyond the contemporary way which modern wedding photographers works.

We promise it will be satisfying to see how unique your wedding photos can actually turn out to be!

 – Chic Collection –

We know and understand how fashionistas and influencers want to purvey a special and unique vibe to their photos.

The chic collection is the one for all the beautiful women out there!

 – Blogger Collection –

The blogger collections seeks to serve people who preferred a highly specialized theme.

If you are running social media feeds on a particular theme, check if any of the below presets suit you. The results may surprised you!

 – Color Collection –

As the same suggest, the color collection seeks to “pop” a particular color and we have also included a light film look to them.

Choose one based on the vibe you wish to purvey.

 – Moody & Cinematic Collection –

The emphasis on a moody vibe together with some cinematic effect ain’t easy, but we have done it.

If you have got photos which you want to portray a sense of strength and mood, this one is for you.

 – City Collection –

Every city has her story, and our city collection presets place emphasis to bring the story out through your photos.

Explore the collections by clicking on them to view more details.

 – Nature Collection –

More often than not, we do not notice how beautiful mother nature can be.

Our nature collection are specially designed to bring out the true beauty of nature and we hope you will enjoy them.

 – Season Collection –

Season and festival comes once per year and photos taken during them deserves premium presets to enhanced them.

Check out our season collection below.